As an RN, working in the medical aesthetic field as an injector, one of the questions most frequently asked is “What age should I start getting Botox?” “If you have wrinkles that are bothering you, the time is NOW!” Years ago, neurotoxins were used to treat wrinkles in women over 40. Today, a large portion of my patients are women and men under 40 and neurotoxins are used as a preventative treatment to avoid those deep, stagnant wrinkles. It is a lot easier to treat wrinkles before they become etched in your face. Often times the women starting treatment at a younger age use less botox and can go longer in between treatments. Women that come at regular intervals also have a tendency to use less botox than women that go more than 4 months between treatments.

Many treatments that are developed today aim at not only improving an individual’s appearance but also several clinical conditions. Neurotoxins, in the form of botox, Dysport and xeomin treat fine lines and wrinkles, among other conditions. Recently a new product has entered the market to compete with Botox, Jeuveau by Evolus. Although there are four different brands of neurotoxins available that are licensed for use in cosmetic practice, all are different forms of the same toxin – botulinum toxin A, released from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

When Botulinum toxin A is injected under the skin, it works on the neuromuscular junction causing paralysis of the muscles in that area and smoothing of the overlying skin, resulting in a reduced appearance of wrinkles. “I love the brow lift I get from botox. The last time I came in for a treatment I decided to get my crow’s feet treated and I am amazed on how smooth my skin is around my eyes. I feel ten years younger” stated a 56-year-old female client.

Finding an injector you are comfortable with is key. It is important to find an injector that listens to your needs and works on a treatment plan with those needs in mind. When our nurse injectors see a patient for the first time we evaluate our patient’s concerns, evaluate their anatomy and discuss our evaluation prior to doing the treatment. Since neurotoxins take up to 2 weeks to get full results we recommend a follow-up visit in two weeks to make any adjustments. My rule of thumb is, “You can always add neurotoxins but you can’t take them out”.

I would discourage jumping from one injector to the other looking for the best price. As an injector, it takes several treatments to see how the neurotoxin is working and how to adjust it to get the best results. Injectors use different dilutions which will affect the treatment so you can’t compare one injector to another if they aren’t using the same dilution.

The Spa at West Ashley offers several choices of neurotoxins that range in price to fit the needs of our patients. We encourage a complimentary evaluation and assessment to come up with a treatment plan that fits our clients’ needs. Call The Spa At West Ashley to schedule your Complimentary Consultation. (843) 225-9810

Written By: Marilyn Horwath RN, BSN

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