healthy, youthful and vibrant skin

ZO® Skin Health Products

We offer ZO® Skin Health professional treatments and daily care to provide our clients with comprehensive skin care solutions based on the latest advancements in science and technology.

Dr. Obagi’s products are formulated and developed to create and maintain healthy skin for life. The comprehensive and continuous work in skin health solutions utilizes the best of what science has to offer to improve our skin’s natural functions that prevent or resolve many disorders.


Treatments provided by healthcare professionals using prescribed products and unique protocols to correct medical skin conditions.


Designed to prevent reoccurrence of persistent skin problems and keep skin strong and healthy while looking and acting younger.

Daily Skincare

Effective daily solutions designed for cleansing, stimulating, calming, nourishing, and protecting skin


Improves overall skin health by minimizing UV damage, DNA damage and protecting against environmental aggressors.


What They Say

“The ZO Skin Care products have made such a huge difference with my skin. I use the Skin Brightening Program + Texture Kit based on the recommendation from the Spa at West Ashley. The improvement in discoloration, fine wrinkles and the overall texture of my skin is amazing. I’m so glad I invested in this system and am grateful for your expertise!”
– Jennifer B; Patient